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If there is anything classy and stylish, it’s a white gold ring. Especially for men, this is a popular go-to precious metal. It exudes luxury, especially when set with a beautiful precious stone like diamond or sapphire.
At DiamondsByMe we offer a large range of classic, modern and ornate white gold men’s rings like signet rings and monogram rings.

White gold versus silver and platinum

Silver, like white gold, is a precious metal. However, it is less rare, and besides the difference in price, there is a difference in quality as well. Silver can oxidize in time, meaning it will turn black. You can solve this by polishing the silver with special silver clean. White gold does not have this problem. It will not oxidize.
To achieve the color of white gold, a layer of rhodium is added. In time this will wear off, revealing a yellowish color tone of the original white gold. This is easily solved by adding a new layer of rhodium. So, you see, if you treat your white gold men’s ring with care, it will need much less maintenance than a silver one.

If you opt for a ring that hardly needs maintenance at all, then consider a platinum men’s ring. Platinum is a rare precious metal, and the hardest material used for jewelry. Because this metal is this tough, not only is it harder to process it, but it is also much less prone to damage. Furthermore, platinum has a hypoallergenic quality, meaning if you are allergic to metals, platinum is the metal you will wear without experiencing an allergic response.

A White Gold Diamond Men’s Ring: adding a touch of luxury

If your mind is set on a white gold ring, then we have a large collection for you to choose from. Not only do we offer white gold rings without stones. If you want to add some extra luxury to your ring, then opt for a white gold diamond men’s ring.
For just a subtle touch, consider our Pelle ring. This Rolex ring is set with one princess cut diamond. A very classy and classic ring. For a more modern design, check out our Thijmen ring. This design is set with a round 0,5 carat diamond center stone, surrounded by a row of side stones. This ring will be accompanied by a GIA or HRD certificate, like with all our jewelry set with a diamond of 0,3 carats or more.

For the adventurous man, think of a ring set with precious stones. But instead of diamonds, add sapphires, or a combination of sapphire and diamond. A white gold sapphire men’s ring will definitely make for a unique and decorative jewel.

Design your own White Gold Men’s Ring

The great thing about our online collection, is that each and every design can be altered to fit your personal style. Simply click on a design you like and start altering the colors of the precious metal and the gemstones. That way you can create a very personal ring that is completely unique.
A completely white gold men’s ring not your thing? Then why not opt for a two-tone ring? Add a splash of color to the white gold by choosing a yellow or rose gold accent.

Or perhaps you will find that white gold may not be the right choice for you, but a rose gold men’s ring is. Rose gold has become very popular these last years and is used for all sorts of luxury gadgets. Why not for a beautiful and modern ring? That is the fun about designing your ring with DiamondsByMe. Just play around with our online configurator, and perhaps you will create a ring you had never thought of before.

A White Gold Men’s Ring by DiamondsByMe

At DiamondsByMe we have a team of passionate goldsmiths, designers and those responsible for customer care, waiting to assist you. Our goal is to work with the best metals and precious stones available and create handmade jewelry of the finest quality.

If you purchase a white gold men’s ring at DiamondsByMe, you can rest assured that all materials come from sustainable sources. We are proud members of the RJC, the Responsible Jewellery Council. Meaning that we use eco-friendly gold, and our gemstones come from conflict-free mines.


  • Each white gold men’s ring is carefully checked before it is shipped to you, assuring you of the best quality.
  • Each jewel comes with a handwritten certificate
  • Your white gold ring is shipped to you in a luxury box
  • You will benefit from a 60 days trial period.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty program. If your white gold ring needs a new layer of rhodium for instance, then check how this program works.
  • Each ring set with a diamond of 0,3 carats or more, is accompanied by a GIA or HRD certificate, ensuring you of the quality of your precious stone.
  • DiamondsByMe only works with the finest precious metals and precious stones.
  • Each ring is made to order. We do not keep a large stockpile, so you are sure your ring will be unique.

Now you have seen all the benefits of purchasing a white gold men’s ring from DiamondsByme, we invite you to start creating your own white gold men’s ring. Play around with our configurator and compile the ring you imagined. Our goldsmiths will do the rest!