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Rose gold rings

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Think warm summer tones and golden blush hues. For a unique, modern and chic piece, you can’t go wrong with rose gold rings. The delicate tones suit all styles and occasions, and DiamondsByMe’s gorgeous collection is sure to provide the perfect gift.

Rose gold has only been around since the 19th century, when Russian jewelers blended yellow gold with copper to create a pink metal first known as ‘Russian Gold’. Carl Faberge, the renowned jeweler forever famous for his iconic eggs, was one of the first to use it. As its popularity grew, the metal’s name changed to rose gold to reflect its hue. More or less copper creates a stronger or softer blush color in this versatile, stylish metal.

DiamondsByMe specializes in creating bespoke, unique pieces, with you and your loved one at the center. We use ancient goldsmith techniques and the highest quality, sustainably, responsibly-sourced materials and innovative design processes to create our specialist jewelry. We use 3D design and printing to ensure your design is perfect from every angle. We don’t keep any stock in our dedicated studio, so every piece is made to order, exactly as you choose. Perfected by you, crafted by us.

Rose gold jewelry

Rose gold jewelry is still a fairly new and avant garde metal as compared with its more traditional cousins. However, it’s such a wonderful, versatile material, and works beautifully to make all types of rose gold jewelry. The range of tones alone offers such diverse opportunities for matching the metal to stones and gems. The beauty of rose gold is that it is a statement in itself, adding further individuality to the colors and style of the rest of your piece.

With DiamondsByMe’s first of its kind in the world online jewelry design tool, you can instantly customize your chosen piece, or see the entire range with the metal and stones of your choice. With a simple click and selection, you will see exactly how your rose gold jewelry piece will look with for example diamonds.

Rose gold engagement rings

Why not make the most special gift you’ll ever give as unique as your bond with a rose gold engagement ring? With platinum and white gold being the traditional choices, this soft, warm-colored metal is the perfect way to showcase your individuality and also pairs beautifully with a spring or summer wedding.

We love some of our ornate, engraved ranges as rose gold engagement rings. The Tasia has a thicker band and carved decoration on three sides, with a central diamond and two flanking ones in the setting. The brilliance of the diamonds contrasts with the warmth of the rose gold to make it stand out even more. Or perhaps match the rosy metal’s richness with a colored gemstone such as a sapphire or emerald for a vintage look, as with our Dodie and Leesa ranges.

Rose gold wedding rings

While yellow gold is traditional for wedding rings, rose gold is warm and soft, and makes a gorgeous alternative for both of your rings. Our wedding rings come in matching and complementary pairs so you can show your individuality whilst still carrying a piece of each other with you, always.

We love the modern look of brushed metal in a rose gold wedding ring, with or without a central stone or a pave lined band. Or go for a classic polished shine in a rounded band. Specialist individual touches such as custom handwriting engraving, or your fingerprints are also charming in the warm pink hues gold.

Rose gold necklaces

This summery, pink metal looks beautifully elegant against skin, complementing all tones in a rose gold necklace. It provides a delicate and light backdrop for the featured pendant, blending and adding a subtle touch rather than a bold contrast. We love the Sam Heart or the Julia, with a small, single stone pendant in the gem of your choice. Or how about something more opulent, like the teardrop-shaped smoke Quartz, surrounded by diamonds in the Ginger range in rose gold?