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Rose gold wedding rings

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    Rose gold is the hottest new trend in the jewelry world, especially for spring and summer; the perfect metal for wedding rings. Its pinkish, blush tones say romance and warmth, and the tone pairs well with other metals and a variety of stones. DiamondsByMe offers extensive customization and design options, so let us help you signify your forever with a rose gold wedding ring.

    Like many precious metals, rose gold is a mixture, or alloy. This is done with metals to strengthen, create new colors, and innovate. In rose gold’s case, it is a mixture of yellow gold and copper; the more copper there is, the more reddish the color. Silver is sometimes included to tone this down. In terms of purity, it’s as precious as yellow or white gold because they are alloys as well.

    At DiamondsByMe, our aim and passion is giving you the ultimate choice when it comes to jewelry. We use modern design techniques and ancient goldsmith processes to craft your piece, so it’s easy to customize and design your rose gold wedding ring with us. We make every piece to order, to your exact specifications. We don’t keep any stock, and our production process is fueled by sustainably-sourced products and manufacture in our dedicated on-site studio. We have devided our collection of wedding rings into 3 pricelevels to make it easier for you to start.

    Rings with a rose gold band

    When it’s all about the rose gold band, we’ve got a beautiful collection of rings to showcase this warm, contemporary metal.

    One of the aspects we love about rings with a rose gold band is their ability to pair and contrast with other metals. Some of DiamondsByMe’s most exciting designs are our two tone rings such as the Juliette, with a split, overlapping band in two colors; or the Hojalien in thickset, brushed metals, joined with a perfectly round stone.

    Providing a gorgeous backdrop for an ornate design and rich stone colors, choose alternating gems set in rose gold with the Nienke; and the mystical, knotted shoulders of the Zoe, topped with an emerald. Or how about the traditional signet ring, personalized or with a plain heliotrope face, and the warmth of the rose gold band?

    Wedding rings are typically and traditionally more plain than other types of rings, but this doesn’t mean they have to be regular. You can still express your personality, and especially with DiamondsByMe’s extensive collection. A rose gold wedding band, customized in any of our ring styles, is the perfect way to bring color and warmth to your most important of commitments.

    Styles we love with a rose gold band range from squared-off, brushed metal, to intricately-carved and two tone looks. Even when mixed with metals and colored stones such as sapphires, there is a unique warmth to rose gold. Our collection of wedding rings come in pairs, to showcase your personalities whilst forever-linking you; and with our unique online design tool you can even vary the metal colors if you prefer rose gold for one ring and a different, complementary metal for the other.

    Rose gold diamond rings

    While white gold rings are common companions for our favorite, brilliant stones, rose gold diamond wedding rings are a truly special piece of jewelry. There’s something luxurious about the contrast between the warm, pink tones of the rose gold, and the clarity and bright shine of the diamonds.

    One of our favorite looks is the opulent Tasia, with central and shoulder stones set in the thick rose gold band, ornately engraved on three sides. The Ruthanne is another style which showcases the rose gold, while still putting the diamond center stage, suspended between two twisted, split bands. Or take it to the next level with the Amie Ovl and its delicate, branch-like band with a trio of oversized diamonds.

    Building up a few rings is an easy way to maximize your look without wearing a lot of heavy jewelry, and despite the metal’s eye-catching color, a rose gold ring set is a laidback and subtle way to do this.

    Take something like the Madelon, with an eye-catching central oval stone and surrounds, as your statement piece, and build up a rose gold ring set from there. Simple, plain rings, such as the Astrid range, can complement pretty much any other piece with their versatile design.

    If you prefer to keep the set to one ring, the Helena includes three overlapping, twisted bands, one covered in pave stones, in three metal colors of your choice. Showcase a range of styles and get the feel of a set all in one piece.