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To us at DiamondsByMe, every ring is a special ring, and even more so if you’re giving it as a gift. Through our innovative tools and techniques, we’re proud to present an extensive range of jewelry and special rings.

Rings have been a form of jewelry and adornment for thousands of years. As early as ancient Egyptian times, metal finger rings were worn for identification, similar to signet rings, and were actually exchanged as gifts as well. It was the ancient Romans that began inserting engraved gemstones into the bands, much more like the rings we know today. During medieval times the practice took off, and has been part of fashion ever since. Today there is an ever-growing number of ring styles, still worn for a variety of reasons such as status, wealth, achievement, love, loyalty, connections and identification.

DiamondsByMe combines exclusive online design with traditional goldsmith practices to bring you the special ring you’ve been looking for. Select and customize every element of the design, seeing your choices and changes in real time. Compare all our range with your favorite metals and stones or find the perfect design and customize it until it’s exactly as you imagined. We want to bring your special ring to life - perfected by you, crafted by us.

Amazing lady's rings

At DiamondsByMe, we truly believe in our collection of amazing lady's rings, and we know you will too. Whether you’re buying as a gift or for yourself, our exciting and beautiful features are sure to spark your interest and speak to your individuality.

With over 20 stone colors and 12 cuts, and five metals to choose from, you can filter our range, filtering by your favorite styles, seeing your changes instantly. Or why not browse by occasion and categories such as ‘modern’, ‘trendy’ and ‘vintage’.

Some of our favorite techniques are the overlapping, tri-tone, twisted bands of the Helena; or the ornate and vintage carved Mirte. Choose diamonds for old-school glamor or show your personality with a peridot.

Special engagement rings

For the most important gift you’ll ever give, it’s got to be perfect. At DiamondsByMe, we’ve got an extensive and exclusive collection of special engagement rings to ensure you can find the ultimate ring of your loved one’s dreams - it should be nothing less when taking that ultimate step.

If you want to go for a really personal touch, we can even help you to design your own amazing engagement ring. Our teams of designers and craftsmen will be with you every step of the way, from paper to production. We use 3D digital design and modeling, as well as 3D printing to ensure every element and feature is perfect.

Our designs and features range from traditional and elegant solitaires, to engraved vintage styles and modern updates. Choose a classic emerald cut diamond, set on a pave surround and shoulders for bright glamour. Keep it simple with the brilliant cut, raised stone and elegant band of the Isa. Or go avant garde and express your creativity with the Hojalien two tone, brushed metal band, with a twinkling, round gem suspended in the middle. The occasion will always be special, so DiamondsByMe is here to make sure that you’ve got an amazing engagement ring to match.

Special wedding rings

We’re so excited about our range of special wedding rings, and we want to share that with you. All of our designs come in pairs, so you can have something individual, whilst still matching and having a piece of each other with you, always.

There’s something to suit every style and taste, with the classic polished and rounded bands in platinum and gold, to brushed metal and off-center gemstone placement. Your awesome wedding rings don’t have to be plain, in second place to an engagement ring. Our collection includes those with engraving, eternity-style pave, overlapping and twisted bands. It really is up to you, and DiamondsByMe is here to make sure that your rings celebrate your forever as a couple.

Rings with special meanings

To us, all rings and pieces of jewelry have special meanings. Whether they’re given as a gift to celebrate a promise or milestone, or for the most important question you’ll ever ask, we want to make sure that special meaning and significance is conveyed. Our passion is in finding and producing exciting features which do this.

One of our favorite styles is the fingerprint ring. All we need is a high-resolution picture, and we can resize and engrave the image onto your design, so you really will be carrying a piece of your loved one with you. Another wonderful way to do this is with their very own handwriting, reproduced on a ring. We also love the rough edge split ring design, where your two wedding bands look like they are two halves of the same whole, just like you and your loved one. If you have your own idea or you have seen a very special ring then check out our bespoke design service.