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Rose gold Solitaire rings

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When we think of the classic diamond ring, it’s inevitably a solitaire comes to mind. The simplicity, brilliance and strength of a single diamond can’t be denied. It’s a timeless statement, and what better way to make it than with a rose gold solitaire ring.

About solitaire rings

Solitaire just means one, only or single. While the engagement ring itself dates back to the 2nd century BC, diamonds were first seen in the 1400s, and then only took off in the 1800s. Since then, because of a marketing drive by a South African diamond company, the stones have become the standard for engagement rings. The single diamond of the solitaire ring came to symbolize unity, strength and eternity.

Rose gold solitaire engagement rings

Since the 1800s, the solitaire diamond has been the standard for engagement rings. The diamond is a symbol of strength and unity. Rose gold is a beautiful update on the classic look and will also showcase your uniqueness as a couple. DiamondsByMe’s collection of engagement rings features gold solitaire rings in a range of styles, with something sure to be perfect for your partner.

Our Sam ring is all about the diamond, raised from its slightly contoured band, whilst the modern Theresia suspends the stone in a notch within the brushed rose gold band. We think rose gold works beautifully with diamond shoulder rings to complement the metal as well, as with the Evelien or the Valorie. Ask the most important question you ever will with a rose gold engagement ring from DiamondsByMe.

Uniquely modern

Rose gold is a relatively new addition to the precious metals group. It is an alloy, or mix, of yellow gold and copper. In fact, yellow gold in its purest form is too soft to be used in jewelry so is always strengthened with another metal. With rose gold, it is the copper which gives the metal its warm pink tones, and more or less will result in a darker or lighter rose color. Rose gold solitaire rings are a warm, modern update on the classic look. With DiamondsByMe’s unique online design service, you can customize any of our solitaire designs to include rose gold, and instantly see how your ring will look. We don’t keep stock; all our jewelry is made to order in our dedicated studio. We do this to reduce waste and promote sustainable manufacturing processes. So, take a look and find your perfect rose gold solitaire ring from DiamondsByMe.

And of course, if you decide to switch to a yellow gold or white gold solitaire ring, it’s absolutely no problem. Each design can be altered to suit you bride-to-be’s taste. For an even more exclusive engagement ring, we can even make you a platinum solitaire ring.

Rose gold promise rings

A promise ring can mean whatever the two of you choose. It can symbolize a vow, an occasion, or simply the bond you share. They can make an alternative or an addition to an engagement ring, or just a symbol of your connection. Let rose gold reflect the uniqueness of your partnership with our collection of rose gold promise rings.

Consider something simple like the Yasmin range, with its thicker band in rose gold, and small solitaire diamond in an exaggerated setting. Or perhaps the Lynelle, with a thinner, squared-off band and oval diamond, presented in a raised setting. A rose gold promise ring can be simple and sweet, with the single diamond representing everything you mean to each other. Many diamond cuts (shapes) are available, also check out our pear cut, princess cut and emerald cut diamonds.

Diamonds in your engagement ring

Next to the white diamonds of the finest quality, we offer a beautiful selection of black and brown diamonds as well. The brown diamond especially is a beautiful when set in rose gold, making a unique engagement ring. And of course, now we offer you the opportunity to purchase her a diamond engagement ring, at lower cost. Because we have a wide collection of lab grown diamonds available. These diamonds are less costly than the natural ones, but are just as genuine, possessing the exact same characteristics of a natural diamond. On top of that, all our white round diamonds of 0,3 carats or more, whether natural of lab grown, come with a GIA or HRD certificate, ensuring you of its quality.

Design your own rose gold solitaire ring

Now it’s time for you to take the next step into the preparations for your wedding proposal. Design your own rose gold solitaire ring. One that will be a definite winner, and will make her heart beat even faster for you!