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A gold solitaire ring with diamond is a true eye catcher. The luxury look of the gold, combined with a sparkling diamond is something that will have many women’s hearts skip a beat. Therefore, it is hardly surprising to learn that the gold solitaire ring is one of the most popular available. When you get down on one knee, you will want to impress her with a stunning sparkler. Rest assured, DiamondsByMe’s team of passionate designers and goldsmiths have created you an extraordinary collection.

A Gold Solitaire Ring or a Memoire Engagement Ring?

A gold solitaire ring is the classic choice for wedding proposal. This ring oozes luxury in its simplicity. But for those who are certain their partner will appreciate a ring with more than one stone, there is also the option of the memoire engagement ring. In a memoire ring, several stones of the same size are placed next to each other in the same setting. The great thing about a memoire ring is you can play around with different gemstones. Will you choose only diamonds? Or will you vary with for instance, diamond and sapphire?

The same thing goes for pavé solitaire rings. These rings are defined by a large solitaire stone, and smaller stones set next to it, or in the band. The smaller stones accentuate the larger center stone beautifully. DiamondsByMe’s designs are created in such a way that each solitaire gemstone will shine at its best.

Your choice of Precious Metal

Then of course there is the choice to make regarding the precious metal. Next to gold, we offer silver and highly exclusive platinum solitaire rings. Platinum is one of the toughest precious metals and is less prone to damage than for instance silver. Of course, this sort of luxury has a price tag, however we are sure that the benefits of this type of metal outweigh the cons. But if you already decided that your choice is a gold engagement ring, then you have your choice of three colors, and carat. DiamondsByMe offers gold in three carat types: 9, 14 and 18 carats. The colors we offer are yellow gold, white gold and rose gold solitaire rings. Rose gold has a warm, reddish color that will suit the daring, modern woman. The color of white gold is obtained by adding a layer of rhodium, giving the white gold solitaire ring its cool, classy appearance. And of course, yellow gold is the classic choice, especially suitable for the romantic soul.

A brilliantly cut Center Stone

Whether you choose a gold solitaire ring or a memoire ring, the precious stone is the eye catcher of each ring. A brilliant cut stone represents the perfect cut. When the stone has been perfectly cut it will reflect the light, resulting in a stunning sparkle. This is the so-called ‘fire’ of the stone. Each gemstone is cut by hand, therefor no two stones are the same.

The purer the gemstone, the more the ‘fire’ in the stone, the higher the price. More information regarding diamonds and gemstones can be found in our online education center. Here you will find all the information you need to prepare yourself to choose the perfect stone for your occasion. For the gold solitaire ring, the brilliant cut stone is most commonly used. DiamondsByMe will gladly help you in finding the perfect stone for your loved one.

Designing your Gold Solitaire Ring

DiamondsByMe prides itself for its craftsmanship. Our team of goldsmiths share a love for their trade. That is why we do not produce our jewelry on a massive scale. We prefer to create each ring when it is ordered, and do not keep a stockpile. Next to customizing our online pieces, we offer an exclusive design service. With this service you can provide us with your own design ideas, and our designers will turn your idea into reality! Next to our design service, we offer you the opportunity to check your design in real life before you order the genuine thing. How do we do this? By printing a 3D dummy of your design. This way you can see if the design is as perfect as you imagined.

After you approve the design, our artisan goldsmiths start crafting your exclusively designed gold solitaire ring.

The benefits of a DiamondsByMe Gold Solitaire Ring

At DiamondsByMe we pride ourselves in offering artisan yet innovative exclusivity. We only create our jewelry on demand, assuring you of an exclusive gold solitaire ring, like nowhere else.

Next to that, we offer our clients:

  • Precious metals and gemstones of the best quality, for a reasonable price
  • Free shipping to most countries
  • A 60 days trial period for all our website designs (this does not include custom designs)
  • Extensive know-how regarding our trade
  • Unique engagement rings, instead of mass production
  • Usage of environmentally less invasive and conflict-free materials
  • A lifelong guarantee on our jewelry

Now, start your adventure with DiamondsByMe here, and create your bride-to-be the gold solitaire engagement ring she always dreamed of!